Christmas is coming!

Did you know that its only 44 days to Christmas?

If I’ve just ruined your day, I shall immediately make up for it by telling you that Rose Bay Jewellery is having a jewellery and bead kit

Check it out!

July News

As a jewellery maker myself, I know how important it is use good quality materials, and how difficult it is to find the more unusual components, I’ve already added well over 100 new supplies, including sterling silver ear wires and bracelet charms, ceramic, lampwork and other glass beads, beading kits, Christmas and Halloween components and Steampunk mixes, as well as pewter charms from Tierracast, beading mats…. so many things, and many more to come!

I haven’t added as many things as I would have liked – we’re in the middle of decorating my craft room at the moment and I’m sure you’ve all experienced the utter chaos of shifting things from place to place so that you can work, and I’m having trouble finding half my stuff right now! But it will all be worthwhile and I’m very excited about having a lovely new room to work in.

Have a look at some of my new jewellery supplies and I’ll tell you all about my new room and my new products soon!

May is going to be exciting!

As promised, Rose Bay Jewellery is back up and running. I have decided to focus on more historically-inspired jewellery, largely in the Celtic/Viking to Victorian time-frame, although I could wander off on a different path from time to time. Products will likely get older as we go along, so that should be fun. I will be making a more detailed post soon to tell you all about it!

In addition, I have also started selling some interesting jewellery making components, and I have heaps of those coming up soon.

Stay safe, everyone.

April Shop News

Or lack thereof.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about the problems facing the world right now. Many areas are in lockdown, and here in the UK, we aren’t any different. While I think that jewellery – especially mine – is pretty essential, it isn’t right to burden mail-service workers with non-essential supplies, or worth the risk to my family to keep trotting off to the post office. I have therefore taken the difficult decision to put Rose Bay Jewellery on hold for a little while until we see how things work out.

However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not doing anything. I am still making lovely jewellery, and I am working on something new for when we can be together again. In the meantime, I will be making the odd post here, plus I have my Twitter account where I post links to interesting articles and repost daft and quirky stuff, too. We could all do with a little light relief right now. On Instagram, there is no point posting pictures of products that aren’t on sale, so instead, I’m posting other sorts of pictures – most notably, images of our new rescue cat. She is settling in quite nicely, thank you very much for asking.

Actually, this reminds me of something I meant to mention. In the UK, and probably where you are, too, animal re-homes have been put on hold because nobody is supposed to go out to view them, and charity shops attached to these re-homing centres have been closed for the time being. Since these shops are the centres’ main (and sometimes only )source of income, they are suddenly bereft of funds.

If you have a pet sanctuary close to you, and you are so inclined, please could you check out their local websites or media pages to see if you can help? It’s not just about the cash – some need food or other supplies, and some just want media help to spread the word out.

Anyway, talk soon and please stay safe.

March Shop News

March is here and spring is on our doorstep. Probably…

I have added some new clipon earrings to my Etsy shop, varied and fun!

Sunday was, apparently, International Women’s Day and I am, as always, late to the party. However, I couldn’t let that pass without a few links to posts about our awesome women. These ladies prove you can do more than you ever thought possible!

Joan Macdonald (74) achieves amazing weight loss!

Yvette Lundy: French Resistance fighter from World War II. She died last year, at 103

Mary Eliza Mahoney became the first African American licensed nurse, graduating in 1879

Eleanor Wadsworth, currently 101 years old, is the last surviving female pilot from WW2.

Emmeline Pankhurst is best remembered for organising the UK suffragette  movement and helping women win the right to vote.

Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer, chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine.

Boudicca was queen of the Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the the Roman Empire around AD 60

Oh, and on the subject of amazing women, for those of you celebrating at the end of next week, have a great Mothers’ Day!

February Shop News

We’ve had some hefty gales hammering the UK recently – I hope the weather is nicer where you are!

Its nice and warm indoors, so that’s where I’ve been hiding, busily making stuff…

I’ve got a new selection of beautiful handmade ceramic earrings with Czech glass beads. These little darlings are available on my Etsy Shop.

Summer dangles!

My clearance range is growing rapidly and still has lots of cool stuff, with lots of bargains still to be found. Check out my SALE!

February houses Valentine’s Day, and I hope you have a lovely day with your partner, or perhaps find somebody to share the day with. In the UK, Valentines’ Day is primarily for romantic couples, but I gather that in the USA, the love theme expands to include family and friends and I think that’s rather nice.

If you want a laugh, scoot over to YouTube and take a gander at Simon’s cat’s (I love these cartoons!) Valentine’s Day story ‘Love Me, Love My Cat’.

January shop news

So. Been a busy girl this week! I promised you some new products, and the first of these are now up at my Etsy shop. There are four, for now, very pretty Swarovski crystal heart earrings with sterling silver ear wires. They come in colours (the crystals, not wires!) of Siam red, Fuschia, rose, and heliotrope.

I’ve also been doing a bit of housekeeping, so to speak. I’ve been making a lot more earrings and to emphasise this, I have re-arranged the categories into alphabetical order.

In addition, I’ve added a new clearance line. There are only a few things there so far, but I will be adding a lot more soon – and the best bit is – because I’ve dropped prices on those, you get some great deals!

First post, new year

Happy New Year! I hope that 2020 will be great for all of you!

Did you all have a good Christmas? Are you keeping warm in this cold weather? Or cool, if you hail from somewhere warmer…

Rosebay hasn’t been posting much lately but I have been making some lovely things and I promise there will be some exciting products coming along very shortly. Please keep watching this space and I will keep you informed. I will also endeavour to make a quick weekly news post so that you know that I’m not skiving or eloped with the milkman. Although, he does do a nice line in dairy…

New Bag Charms and Christmas Ordering Dates

Hi all!

I have some brand new leather hand-plaited bag/purse decorations inspired by the brilliant cultures of Celtic and Viking. These are part of my new range of historically inspired jewellery and accessories and these will be introduced to you soon. In the meantime, these are already up on my Etsy shop, and retail at £14 – £16.

If you love Christmas you will be all excited by my next topic, and if you aren’t, you might want to find somewhere safe to gibber quietly until I’ve gone away again.

Did you know there are only 35 days until Christmas? Yeah… 35. You’re glad you popped in now, aren’t you?

With this revelation in mind, here are my last ordering dates for Christmas:

Monday, December 16 for UK first class mail

The rest of the world using the International Standard (formerly known as Airmail) service the dates are:

  • Saturday, December 7 for Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand
  • Tuesday, December 10 for Canada and USA
  • Thursday, December 12 for Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland,Spain, Belgium, France, Ireland and Luxembourg

I will be closing for Christmas after my last date for UK orders (Monday December 16) and will reopen again after Christmas – usually Boxing Day. (December 26)

Right then. Lets have some fun links now, shall we?

Have you ever wondered what is the most expensive piece of jewellery ever? Here are the top 7

History of high heels

The Cheapside Hoard – jewellery hidden for 300 years

Discovery of Bronze age sword

Butser Ancient Village

If you like your history hands-on, this could be the place for you.

Situated about 5 miles south of Petersfield in Hampshire, England, Butser is an open air museum, a ‘living history’ experiment, that tries to re-create the bygone ways of life. It now has reconstructions of ancient homes from the stone age and includes Iron Age and Anglos Saxon dwellings, as well a Roman villa, all of which you can wander around.

Butser was originally funded in 1970 by the Council for British Archaeology, and was intended as a working archaeology experiment to learn more about the old ways of life, and to test theories on agriculture and domestic economy. Butser now has a number of rare breeds on site, such as Manx Loaghtan sheep from the Iron Age and Soay sheep from Scotland and these are said to be be typical of the sheep around in the Bronze Age and early Iron Age. These are very independent animals that cannot be worked by sheepdogs. Butser also has goats and, sometimes, pigs, although these are more seasonal to the site. Apparently the Celts regarded pigs in very high regard.

The site is open to the public most of the year, but check for times as the winter season has shorter hours. Butser gets a lot of school parties, and on occasion they do hire the venue out – not surprisingly a lot of filming has taken place here – and at certain times they run workshops and courses for visitors. Sadly there was none of these in operation when we visited, which was a little disappointing.

However, this made no difference to our enjoyment of the day. We visited on a glorious summer day – there was a school party but they didn’t really bother us and it was otherwise fairly quiet. It was quite amusing to watch the children encounter the various unfamiliar animals and dwellings, and in predictable child humour the outside loo created lots of ribald hilarity!

My favourite was the Saxon Longhouse, based on excavations of an Anglo-Saxon settlement found in the nearby village of Chalton. The archaeology discovered a large rectangular structure with opposing doors in the middle of the long sides of a dividing interior wall. The structure made at Butser is primarily of English oak, sweet chestnut and hazel, and has a thatched roof.

The building was really cosy inside, with an open fire on the left hand side when entering, and with benches huddled around on three sides. We were told that Butser sometimes has evenings with the public where everyone gathers here and tells stories. That sounded like huge fun and we were sad to have missed that – we would be tempted to go back to the village just to take part!

The work on all the buildings is ongoing, and we particularly noticed this at the villa. This was the first Roman villa to be built with authentic materials and techniques for over 1,600 years. Work on the floors began in 2017 and when we visited, they were installing a real mosaic floor. It looked intricate and fiddly and I’m sure it will be beautiful when its finished, and the process looked fascinating. Apparently Butser has its own Roman re-enactment society, and this makes the perfect headquarters for them!

All in all it was a really enjoyable day, and although the village was smaller than we’d expected, it was still really worth the journey to see it. I had hoped for more insight into the fashions and jewellery of the time, but there was very little on view for those. The location is very open and the view down over the surrounding countryside is lovely. Most of the village is fairly flat and would be fine for most people, and the management state that the site is completely wheelchair accessible. However, the area is pretty much all grass and I would imagine that on a very wet day, it could get very muddy and probably hard going for anyone with mobility issues.

A great day out for the family!