Hi – welcome to my new blog!

If you’re following from my previous location, or on social media, you know what to expect, but if you’ve just stumbled in, you might be wondering who I am, and what you’re letting yourself in for?

Well, my name is Lynne and I live in a very old village in southern England. I’m a mother, jewellery maker, closet geek, and lover of coffee, fascinating words, quotes from any source, social history, fashion and jewellery history and anything interesting, quirky, fun, or just downright daft.

With the above paragraph under your belt, you’ve already got a clue as to the kind of posts you will find here. I will be talking about my new products, various jewellery-related topics from the news, fashion, history, and anywhere else I can find things of interest. Fashion stuff is more likely to be retro than modern, because there is so much to discover and old things are so interesting!

Living in Britain, you become very aware of history. Old buildings and architecture are everywhere, and I’m fascinated by how people used to go about their daily lives, so don’t be surprised if something Roman, Victorian, medieval, or vintage pops up on this blog from time to time!

As well as jewellery and retro fashion, I want to share local views, lots of sea pictures, interesting links, and probably a bit about certain fandoms or films too. The British, incidentally, are obsessed with the weather and it is one of our main topics of conversion. If you come from somewhere that has more-or-less the same weather all the time, you might not understand our need to panic over those six flakes of snow that bring the country to a halt or how our weather staggers from hot-to-cold-to-windy-to flippin’ heck its boiling! all in one afternoon.

Eccentricities are part of the British charm, you know.

Where else can you find me?

I have a general jewellery shop over at Etsy.

Another shop at Folksy selling more of the Boho and Festival style of jewellery.

At the moment I only use two of the social media channels –

Instagram, where I sometimes post pictures of all those things mentioned above, as well as little peeks of my life, garden, and so on. I use the hashtag #rosebaycountry for pictures of local views and places of interest – check them out if you like that kind of thing.

Over on Twitter, as well as my latest products I like to retweet anything that is fun, interesting or quirky. So if you like daft stuff, come along for the journey. The more the merrier!