New Bag Charms and Christmas Ordering Dates

Hi all!

I have some brand new leather hand-plaited bag/purse decorations inspired by the brilliant cultures of Celtic and Viking. These are part of my new range of historically inspired jewellery and accessories and these will be introduced to you soon. In the meantime, these are already up on my Etsy shop, and retail at £14 – £16.

If you love Christmas you will be all excited by my next topic, and if you aren’t, you might want to find somewhere safe to gibber quietly until I’ve gone away again.

Did you know there are only 35 days until Christmas? Yeah… 35. You’re glad you popped in now, aren’t you?

With this revelation in mind, here are my last ordering dates for Christmas:

Monday, December 16 for UK first class mail

The rest of the world using the International Standard (formerly known as Airmail) service the dates are:

  • Saturday, December 7 for Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand
  • Tuesday, December 10 for Canada and USA
  • Thursday, December 12 for Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland,Spain, Belgium, France, Ireland and Luxembourg

I will be closing for Christmas after my last date for UK orders (Monday December 16) and will reopen again after Christmas – usually Boxing Day. (December 26)

Right then. Lets have some fun links now, shall we?

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