July News

As a jewellery maker myself, I know how important it is use good quality materials, and how difficult it is to find the more unusual components, I’ve already added well over 100 new supplies, including sterling silver ear wires and bracelet charms, ceramic, lampwork and other glass beads, beading kits, Christmas and Halloween components and Steampunk mixes, as well as pewter charms from Tierracast, beading mats…. so many things, and many more to come!

I haven’t added as many things as I would have liked – we’re in the middle of decorating my craft room at the moment and I’m sure you’ve all experienced the utter chaos of shifting things from place to place so that you can work, and I’m having trouble finding half my stuff right now! But it will all be worthwhile and I’m very excited about having a lovely new room to work in.

Have a look at some of my new jewellery supplies and I’ll tell you all about my new room and my new products soon!