New Month, new things

If you’ve been over to my Etsy page recently, you’ve probably noticed that there have been some changes, so – what’s afoot?

As these things so often do, after a while of making jewellery, you find that you’re making more of one style than of others, and in my case, I’ve found that I’ve been leaning more heavily on history. I find it fascinating that although jewellery has been around for something like 7,000 years, many of the styles dug up in archaeological excavations would not be out of place on a modern woman today. How cool is that? Now, before you all go off and rummage about in your back gardens – please don’t do that! – I’m going to save you all some time and effort and bring you some beautiful brand new historically-inspired pieces, and all you have to do is browse Rose Bay Jewellery on Etsy.

I’ve been adding some super new lines to my clip-on earrings, and there are lots of fabulous new unique pieces of jewellery coming along soon, too.

I also now sell interesting jewellery-making components alongside my own handmade items, and a lot of these will be historically themed, too.

With this new direction in mind, I have a super new logo both here and at Etsy, as well as on my business cards. I have added a couple of new categories on Etsy, to make jewellery component selection easier. Currently, I have them in 3 parts – Jewellery Making for the nuts and bolts, so to speak, of making – the elastic thread, ear wires, clasps, and all that kind of thing. Charms and pendants and Beads have now been separated and have their own sections. This should make it easier to browse for what you want.

The Charms and Pendants section has lots of choice – enamel, glass, lampwork and metal, and in such themes as Boho, Viking and other historical, seasonal, animal, vegetable and mineral… sounds like a game, doesn’t it?

I am also in the process of updating my product pictures. However, with over 600 listings, I’m sure you can understand that this will take some time to implement, but it will all look great in the end!

Here on this blog, as well as my normal news posts I would like to have some fun with extra articles covering a wide range of topics that include the shop itself, jewellery, historically themed, links and resources, and whatever else I think might be of interest.

It’s all very exciting and if you want to follow along you can also follow me on social media. I have an Instagram and a Twitter account. Please drop in and say hi – I’d love to spend time with you!

May is going to be exciting!

As promised, Rose Bay Jewellery is back up and running. I have decided to focus on more historically-inspired jewellery, largely in the Celtic/Viking to Victorian time-frame, although I could wander off on a different path from time to time. Products will likely get older as we go along, so that should be fun. I will be making a more detailed post soon to tell you all about it!

In addition, I have also started selling some interesting jewellery making components, and I have heaps of those coming up soon.

Stay safe, everyone.

April Shop News

Or lack thereof.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about the problems facing the world right now. Many areas are in lockdown, and here in the UK, we aren’t any different. While I think that jewellery – especially mine – is pretty essential, it isn’t right to burden mail-service workers with non-essential supplies, or worth the risk to my family to keep trotting off to the post office. I have therefore taken the difficult decision to put Rose Bay Jewellery on hold for a little while until we see how things work out.

However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not doing anything. I am still making lovely jewellery, and I am working on something new for when we can be together again. In the meantime, I will be making the odd post here, plus I have my Twitter account where I post links to interesting articles and repost daft and quirky stuff, too. We could all do with a little light relief right now. On Instagram, there is no point posting pictures of products that aren’t on sale, so instead, I’m posting other sorts of pictures – most notably, images of our new rescue cat. She is settling in quite nicely, thank you very much for asking.

Actually, this reminds me of something I meant to mention. In the UK, and probably where you are, too, animal re-homes have been put on hold because nobody is supposed to go out to view them, and charity shops attached to these re-homing centres have been closed for the time being. Since these shops are the centres’ main (and sometimes only )source of income, they are suddenly bereft of funds.

If you have a pet sanctuary close to you, and you are so inclined, please could you check out their local websites or media pages to see if you can help? It’s not just about the cash – some need food or other supplies, and some just want media help to spread the word out.

Anyway, talk soon and please stay safe.